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NB Ridaz

NB Ridaz entered the stage in 1997 with their titled album (The First Chapter) and top single on the Hip Hop charts with "Down For Yours".


Dos and Zig Zag had been instrumental in the Latin rap scene in the southwestern states of the U.S and Arizona-based.

NB Ridaz (changed earlier from Nasty Boy Klick). Along with the third member MC Magic who had Billboard hits with So Fly, Pretty Girl, Runaway, and many more, the NB Ridaz moderate success brandishing their blend of Rap, Urban, R&B, and Hip Hop.


Magic's pursuit of a solo careering in the mid-2000s, left Dos and Zig Zag to explore other options. The Dynamic Duo with the incorporation of Spanish lyrics into their music did not limit the scope of those audiences as their debut "Special Girl" which peaked in the Top 40 for independently released albums.

Now the NB Ridaz continues to tour and sell-out shows across the United States. Get ready for the new album because you haven't heard the last of them yet. 

As they say, Ride Till The Wheels Fall Off, because we owe it to our fans! 





NB Ridaz Manager/Booking


Roxy Bandin 




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